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“We’re also 99 per cent sure that by the second song, everyone in the audience was madly in love with Mr Kirk.”

This is RADELAIDE, December 2014.

“One of the most explosive solo acts this country has to offer”

Mixdown Magazine, April 2013.

“Authenticity cannot be faked it seems, from the streets of Melbourne to the smokey haunts of New Orleans.”

THE DWARF, May 2014

“Kirk was a standout”


Thankyou for giving me the blues Reviews

“Just the right amount of a ‘too much whiskey and cigarettes’ vibe to it”

ToneDeaf, December 2011.

“One of the finds of 2012″

Buzz Magazine, January 2012.

“Blues Fans rejoice!”

Deerhead Press, March 2012.

“A must for any blues lover”

Forte / Tsunami Magazine, March 2012.

The Wick Sessions Reviews

“The album is the whole package”

The Dwarf, April 2013.

Steer the Wheel Reviews

“Shaun Kirk brings, as many people will tell you, something strange to the blues”

4ZZZ, April 2014.

“Within the first thirty seconds you are captured”

Forte Magazine, April 2014.

“Make no mistake, Shaun Kirk is injecting youth and fire into the Australian blues scene”

Independent, May 2014.

“He’s a powerhouse”

Sunday Morning Herald, May 2014.

“Kirk has really outdone himself on this album”

The Music Magazine, April 2014.
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