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BUZZ MAGAZINE – January 2012

Well here is one of the finds of 2012… everyone remember the name Shaun Kirk. One quick glance at the album photography of Shaun on his new album ‘Thank You For Giving Me The Blues’ and he looks like a baby-faced singer about to dish out some more Top 40 Pop, but start listening to the album and you soon realise he is a man with one of the finest blues’ voices that this country has ever heard… and even better he knows about the legends like Willie Dixon and Bo Diddley.

Kirk’s voice strikes you on the opening track, ‘Thank You For Giving Me The Blues’, and if you’re a blues fan there is no way you are going to stop listening once you have heard it. His voice becomes quite forceful on ‘Stream Train’ which in turn helps the song to flow but also takes what could have been a bland song to a whole new level.

‘I Live The Life I Love & I Love The Life I Live’ is the albums down point but it is quickly forgotten by the great guitar led intro of ‘Drug Got A Hold Onto You’. The track packs a punch and is just catchy enough to have your foot tapping along with it. Some would consider ‘The Howlin’ Harp Boogie’ a piece of album filler, but with harmonica playing this fine I’m not complaining.

The catchy side of the album returns with ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and it is obvious that Kirk is a talent beyond his years. ‘Chicken & Corn’ is a good travelling track with a just a hint of comedy while ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You’ is one of the most honest love songs you are ever likely to hear.

The loving feeling continues with the smooth ‘Find Somebody To Love’ while ‘Who Do You Love?’ rounds out a fine album with yet another classic. Together with Lloyd Spiegel Kirk has made this a track a must for blues fans.

Thank You for Giving Me the Blues is a surprising album that has come out of nowhere… it’s also an album I will be listening to for a long time to come.

Rating: 4 stars

Reviewer: Dave Griffiths

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