The Porch Sessions, Adelaide – 7th December 2014

If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones who didn’t manage to get your paws on a ticket to the latest instalment of The Porch Sessions, I’m sorry to have to say it, but boy did you miss out! Sunday’s delicious serving of porchy goodness, starring the supremely talented Alice Haddy, Halfway to Forth, and headliner Shaun Kirk, succeeded in delivering yet another musical feast for the senses, as a part of The Porch Sessions’ wildly successful 2014/2015 season. For the succulent main course? Shaun Kirk, ladies and gentlemen! What an entertainer.

Proving to be the world’s most talented multitasker, Shaun captivated the secret garden with his multi-­‐instrumental musical stylings. Full of personality and enthusiasm, Shaun’s big and bluesy tunes lifted the vibes to an all time high, hitting us with bits of acoustic guitar, harmonica, and percussion. Topped off with some pretty impressive vocals, including some notes which were held for so long we were sure someone would need to call an ambulance, Shaun took us on beautiful roller-­‐coaster ride, which no one wanted to get off.

We’re also 99 per cent sure that by the second song, everyone in the audience was madly in love with Mr Kirk. And then, when our hearts broke as the set came to a close, Shaun delivered a bloody fantastic acoustic encore, with a sing along tune about trying to find a good woman. Shaun, if you’re reading this, I find it pretty hard to believe you would ever have a hard time trying to find a lady… and if you are indeed looking for a lady, please look no further. Thanks again to the deadest legends at The Porch Sessions for a top night, you’re incredible!

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